Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

How AP + DE Work Together

You don’t have to choose between AP and DE. Advanced Placement courses support your Dual Enrollment programs and provide students with even more opportunities for success. Here are just a few benefits of providing access to AP Access for ALL for your students:

Dual Enrollment Preparation

Students can begin taking AP Access for ALL courses in the ninth grade. Ease your students into college-level coursework with a high school teacher and classmates. Increase your ACT scores and grow Dual Enrollment participation by offering AP courses to underclassmen students before they are eligible for Dual Enrollment classes.

Consistent Coursework Taught by Tennessee High School Teachers

AP classes and their associated AP tests are created by the College Board, which means they follow the same guidelines wherever they’re taught.

Broad Course Offerings to Meet Student Interests

Provide students access to a greater variety of advanced placement courses without exhausting district and school resources.

Flexible Scheduling

Create more flexible scheduling, so students never have to choose between a college preparation course and an elective or athletic team.

Enhance College Applications + College Credit

AP courses demonstrate that students have been exposed to rigorous coursework, boosting their application. Plus, AP scores have a wide pool of transference.

Talk to your AP Access for ALL Regional Relationship Specialist to learn more.

Success is offering ALL students ALL options.

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