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Sept 30

AP Checkpoint

Oct 31

AP Auto Drop Date

Nov 4

Final Day to Order APAA Exams

Gina Pavlovich

Director, AP Access for ALL & Niswonger Online

Samatha DeBord

Assistant Director, AP Access for ALL

Jill Davis

Assistant Director, Niswonger Online

Wendi Kasting

Coordinator of Data & Administration

Chris Dotson

Technical Support Lead

Lindsey Weeden

Technical Support

Scott Lamie

Coordinator of Learning Pedagogy

Angela Taylor

Coordinator of AP Cohorts

Taylor Campbell

Coordinator of Finance

Regional Relationship Specialist Team

DSC_0011 (7)

Marti Cleveland

Regional Relationship Specialist - First Tennessee Region

jill 1

Jill Jaynes

Regional Relationship Specialist - East Tennessee Region

STravis pic

Samantha Travis

Regional Relationship Specialist - Southeast Region

janet 1

Janet Graham

Regional Relationship Specialist - Upper Cumberland Region

dana 2

Dana Jetter

Regional Relationship Specialist - Mid Cumberland Region

Lisa Brewer

Regional Relationship Specialist - South Central Region

donna 2

Donna Smith

Regional Relationship Specialist - Northwest Region

Jon Frye

Regional Relationship Specialist - Southwest Region

Samantha Travis

Southeast Region

Samantha Travis served as the Regional Center for Nuclear Education and Training (RCNET) technical specialist/grant coordinator at Chattanooga State Community College since 2015 where she promoted RCNET and the nuclear programs offered at the college. Samantha assists with developing a pipeline of prospective employers and assists students with application processes, resume writing, and interview skills. She also served on high school advisory committees and coordinated workshops for secondary students and professional development for teachers. In addition to her experience as the technical specialist/grant coordinator, she holds a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Technology Management. She also advised current and prospective students on classes and which career paths they have available in the nuclear industry, as well as other STEM careers. Samantha has also served as an adjunct instructor for the radiation protection program at the college.

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