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AP Access for ALL Success Spotlight: Lincoln County High School

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AP Access for ALL Success Spotlight: Lincoln County High School

AP Access for ALL Success Spotlight: Lincoln County High School

AP Access for ALL is proud to spotlight Lincoln County High School in Fayetteville, Tennessee for its impressive enrollment and success in AP courses.

Currently, 24 students at LCHS are taking nine different AP courses online through AP Access for ALL (APAA).

Lainie Harrison, the APAA Liaison at Lincoln County High School, said all of the LCHS students currently enrolled in APAA courses have A’s in all of their spring semester courses. Harrison said the students currently enrolled are seniors, juniors, and even freshmen.

“They are independently motivated to do their work,” Harrison said. “Year after year, Lincoln County is blessed with a group of young kids who are motivated. AP Access for ALL presents the opportunity for them to take more AP [classes] and be better prepared for life after high school.”

Emma, a junior at LCHS, is currently enrolled in two spring APAA courses. She signed up for the courses as soon as she learned they were available at her school. 

“I live in a small town and things like this aren’t often taught. You don’t often see a human geography class, so to have this opportunity is amazing to learn about different cultures and different people,” Emma said. 

The junior LCHS student said the opportunity to have virtual access to these courses has opened doors for her to think of newly discovered potential careers post-high school. 

“Before I took the APAA Human Geography class, I didn’t know I was interested in the study of humans and how they interact with others and their minds. It’s super interesting to me,” she said. 

Emma’s experience with AP Access for ALL is similar to her classmate Jay, a senior at LCHS, who has four APAA courses under his belt and is currently enrolled in two more. Jay plans on majoring in neuroscience and becoming a neurosurgeon. He said the skills he’s developed from APAA have helped in developing independent learning skills he knows will be critical during his college career. 

“We live in a small, rural town. Our school has 1,200 students and that’s for the whole county. It has really granted a lot of opportunities for me to extend my AP classes and say, ‘Hey, I can do this,” he added.

Before AP Access for ALL, Jay said he would have only been able to take seven AP courses during his high school career, but in May he will graduate with 12.

“I have most definitely seen growth. It’s helped me grow as a student and broaden where and how I’m able to learn,” Jay said. “I have learned what a college-level class is like.”

At AP Access for ALL, we are proud of all 24 Lincoln County High School students who chose to get a head start on their future and save money on their post-secondary education by enrolling in APAA courses. Furthermore, we are exceptionally proud of them for their drive, commitment, and commitment to having all A’s.

We can’t wait to see how Lincoln County, and students across the state, succeed in AP Access for All and in their postsecondary futures.